MMW 15 Lecture 7: Outline Lecture Seven--Revolution in China--Anti-Imperialism and Nationalism

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Making of the Modern World
MMW 15
Edmond Chang

Outline Lecture Seven: Revolution in China: Anti-Imperialism and Nationalism Overview of Key Focus This Week: --To what extent were anti-imperialist/nationalist movements in the colonized world inspired by Western influences? --But also to what extent do they represent nativist and traditional responses? I) Versailles and the May Fourth Movement 1919 a) Catalysts behind the student-led May Fourth Movement a.i) Treaty of Versailles’s double standards a.ii) Complicity of Chinese northern warlords with foreigners b) Ambivalence towards the West b.i)Ideological inspiration and material support from the West b.ii) Enlightenment ideals of a social contract and self-determination b.iii) National self-determination as basis for class and gender self-determination b.iv) West both as source of democratic ideals, and as target of anti-imperialism II) Revolutionary Movements in China 1911-1949 a) Key Dates: a.i) 1911 Revolution–Sun Yat-sen’s overthrow of Qing Dynasty and founding of republic (a.i.1) China’s last imperial dynasty a.ii) 1919 Beginning of May Fourth Movement (a.ii.1) Beijing and Tianjing a.iii) 1926-1928 Chiang Kai-shek’s Northern Expedition and National Unification (a.iii.1) San Yetsun’s right hand man who assumed leadership of nationalist party and eradicated northern warlords(effectively unifying China) a.iv) 1937-1945 Sino-Japanese War (a.iv.1) Start of WW2 for China a.v) 1949 Communist take-over of the mainland under Mao Zedong; Nationalist Party under Chiang retreat to Taiwan b) Dr. Sun Yat-sen(Medical Doctor) and the Founding of the Republic b.i)Experience and exposure of an expatriate and exile (b.i.1) Sent into exile for 16 years after failed coup de tat in 1895 (b.i.2) Provided inspiration for revolutionary movement from
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