MMW 15 Lecture 9: Outline Lecture Nine—Decolonization or Neo-colonialism

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Making of the Modern World
MMW 15
Edmond Chang

Outline Lecture Nine—Decolonization or Neo-colonialism? Key Questions: 1) How can a decolonized Third world nation best achieve self-empowerment? 2) What are the similarities and differences between imperialism and neo-colonialism I) The Decolonization Process a) Decolonizing Trends in Asia and Africa after 1945 i) In Africa alone, creation of forty new states (1) Inspired by nationalism and spirit of self-determination? (2) Maturation of an indigenous educated class exposed to Western values? ii) Third World nationalists’ participation in W.W.II b) Exceptions to relatively peaceful transitions i) French Indochine (1) Ho Chi Minh’s call for national independence of Vietnam in 1945 (a) Policy of the French Vichy government during the war (b) Impact of French colonial administration (2) Protracted anti-colonial war that lasted eight years (a) Final French defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 ii) Algeria 1955-62 (1) Symbolized by the intransigence of Charles de Gaulle (2) Racism of the “Pied-noir” or “Black foots”
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