MATH 11 Lecture 17: Ch 19 Hypothesis testing

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David James Quarfoot

51517 lecture notes (17) Ch 19 Hypothesis testing Monday, May 15, 2017 11:00 AM Chapter 19: Testing Hypotheses about proportions Sometimes you draw sample and calculate a proportion not just to find the proportion, but to see if it is different than you expected. You contact 500 random San Diegans to learn if the percentage of AsianAmericans is different than the national average. You wonder if giving 200 random Freshman a How to Succeed in College course will decrease the proportion that dropout as compared to the general student population. You administer a new drug to 350 heartburn patients and se what percentage report Hypothesis testing Hypothesis: a claim that may or may not be true Suppose we draw a sample and find phat Sample variation or true effect? Hypothesis testing is the rigorous way staticians have devised to sort out how confident we can be that sampling variation is not the cause Step 1: wrtoe down a null hypothesis. Step 2: Write down an alternative hypothesis. This is what you suspect might be true and is what you hope to show. A one sided alternative hypothesis will use a or sign. You are hoping your percentage is on a certain side of the comparison percentage A twosided alternative hypothesis Real life as a metaphor How do we decide between Ho and Ha? How we often decide between beliefs in real life: Adopt some belief for the moment (I should be a CS major)
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