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Lecture 10

MMW 12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Zhang Jue, Taoism, Cao Wei

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Alexander B Stewart

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MMW 12 Lecture 10 The Three Kingdoms and Daoist Escapism
Late Han Rebels: Yellow Turbans
Natural disasters sign of the end of the emperor’s mandate
Confucianism for upper class
o Have to have time to memorize a lot of texts
Daoists often healers, fortune tellers (mysticism)
Millenarianism: new age is coming
Led by Daoist physician and sorcerer Zhang Jue (Chang Chueh) and brothers Generals
of Heaven, Earth, Man
Begins in jiazi year
o First year in 60-year cycle
Chinese calendar/new year
Open hostels and give out free food to people
Spreads across 8 provinces
Rebellion put down
o Central government has to give more power to local military leaders in order to
put down the government
Reluctant to give power back
Late 2nd century AD
Late Han Rebels: Five Pecks of Rice or Way of the Celestial Masters
Combines healing, Daoist millenarianism, social reform, hierarchal structure
Needed 5 pecks of rice to join
o Distributed to all of the members
End of world is coming and only 18,000 people with balanced qi will survive
o Will teach you how to balance qi
Crime and sins punished by meditation and service
Forms theocracy in Sichuan, absorbed into Cao Cao’s (Tsao Tsao) Wei Kingdom
Inspired later Daoist organized priesthood
o Hierarchy
Late 2nd century AD
Types of Rebels
Subordinated Peasants: attack landlords, usurers; rebellion as class struggle
o Parallels to plebeians rising up in Rome against the elites
Social Bandits: peasants, bandits, poor nobles, landless laborers; rebel as form of social
protest, do not attempt to transform social structure
Sectarian Rebels: all segments of society rebel to usher new age when emperor has lost
Peasant Nationalists: people support rebels who are better equipped to defend nation
than government that is weak and corrupt
o Proto-Nationalism/Socialism
Brief Timeline of Guan Yu
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