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Lecture 4

MMW 12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Lares, Di Penates, Gaius Marius

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Janet Smarr

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The World Of Rome
Romans - republican government under the senate
Rman History has 3 periods
Monarchical Period - ruled by kings
753 BC - 509 BC
Republic - ruled by senate
509 BC - 27 BC
Empire - ruled by emperor
27 BC - 476 CE
The Romans in Italy
Greek colonies established in Italy were never conquered by Alexander the great
Romans eventually came to dominate the area setup republic ruled by senate
The Etruscans
Developed in Itally about 800 BC
Came from Turkey
Culture died out from Roman Influence
Built Greek City states
Advanced into Central Greece and conquered a small collection of villages called Rome
Founding of Rome
Romans began to settle during the early Iron age, around 1000BC to 800BC
Legend states that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus
Senate - Council of old men
7 kings after Romulus
Followed by assembly of aristocrats after a king raped a woman
Executive power was in the hands of leaders called consuls
The Roman State
SPQR Republican ideal of shared government
Patricians - privileged legal status was determined by birth
Senate had the same people
Consuls switched annually
Created stability
Praetors acted in place of consuls while they were away
Roman law became its most important legacies
Social Conflict in Rome
Inequality between Plebians and Patricians lead to a change in government
Plebian foot soldiers made the mass of the army
Went on strike to get a say in the government
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