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Lecture 1

MMW 12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Monophysitism, God Speaks, Satan

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Janet Smarr

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Paul MMW 12
(CQ)Paul was - A hellenized Jew and a zealous Jew
Temple for Aphrodite
1,000 temple prostitutes
Paul is looking for commercial cities
Because ppl are traveling in commercial cities and will spread the word
Spread word of christianity
Thinking about how to make christianity relative to Jews
Paul’s texts are the earliest texts in the new testament
Doesn't know Jesus or God
Was involved with stoning down one the first apostles
Violently wanted to persecute and destroy the house of God
Wanted to maintain the religion of his ancestors: a zealous Jew
Paul’s conversion story (Acts 9-11)
On way to Damascus, Falls off Ass and god speaks to him
Converts to Christianity!!!!! From saul to paul
People of faith didn't think he was a true Christian
“Don’t go to the gentiles, go to the house of the Jews
Not obvious that gentiles were going to be the audience
Peter has a vision which makes it clear that Gentiles are an appropriate audience
Peter was preaching to circumcised and Paul for the uncircumcised
Paul is teaching with the authority of the revelation of Jesus Christ → not a human
Goes to Rome (a major city with many people)
Paul is not interested in Jesus life on earth
Paul only thinks Jesus’s death and resurrection was important
That Jesus is the sacrifice that pays for our sins
Didn't think people had to follow Jewish laws
New religion (did not need to be circumcised or avoid pork)
(CQ)Paul thinks that keeping Jewish laws is helpful for salvation is wrong or sinful
If you think that you need to keep the law, it suggests that God’s sacrifice is not
“You who want to justify yourself by the law, means that you are cutting yourself
off from God’s sacrifice”
Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law
Paul warns the people for the liberty to not live lawlessly and not to indulge in the flesh
Be led by the spirit; do not be misled by your freedom.
Paul “apostle to the Gentiles”
Faith vs. works [a new contract]
Grace vs. law [a new era]
Law cannot save us from sinning
We are all sinners, but Jesus saves us with his sacrifice of atonement
No benefit of being a Jew
Spirit vs flesh [new man vs old]
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