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Lecture 1

MMW 12 Lecture 1: Lecture #1 -1:11:17

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Janet Smarr

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1/11/17 Lecture - Ancient Rome: From Republic to Empire
Alexander: 300 BC
conquered Persia
Hellenistic world
Hellenism = Greek culture beyond Greece, mixed with other cultures
Built temples of their gods
Italy was not part of this. Rome was already thriving at the same time
began as hilltop villages
Why would you build your community at the top of the hill? Easier to defend
700 BC: hilltop villages for Rome
Romulus: founder of hilltop towns
Ruled by Kings (from small territories)
How did Rome grow from a hilltop village
Roman history
kings 700 BC
end of kings: rape of Lucretia, Brutus
Lucretia: was miserable and killed herself
Husband wanted to seek revenge for her
His friend, Brutus kills the King
republic 500 BC
expansion of territory, wars, with Carthage
Civil war
Consuls (2): have to agree with each other in order to pass policies
Expansion of Rome —> Expand throughout Italy
If we form an alliance with surrounding communities, it’s a good idea
Began picking o territories to form an alliances
Punic Wars (Rome vs. Carthage)
War with Carthage for over 100 yrs
1st war - 20 years. Carthage says to keep Sicily
Carthage expanded into Spain
Hannibal took his elephants and army into Italy. For 15 years, his armies
were marching down.
General name Scipio “Africanus” took his troop and went to Carthage.
Came to North Africa and attack Carthage. He got rid of Hannibal.
Unintentional empire —> intentional imperial expansion
Agressive imperialism
emperors 31 BC
Spread over to Mediterranean and Middle East
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