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Lecture 4

MMW 12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Monophysitism, Conservative Judaism

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Janet Smarr

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1/23/17 Lecture #5 Paul: Christianity for the Gentiles
Paul: Christianity for Greeks and Romans
Zealous Jew and Hellenized resident in Tarsus
Not writing a narrative about Jesus. He never met Jesus. He’s writing to many Greek
communities. Living in area where Jews are in a minority. He is writing to communities.
Very interested in urban center. He’s looking for commercial cities because a lot of
people there are traveling for business so they can spread.
What kind of message for the non-Jews (Gentiles)?
He’s writing after the death of Jesus and 30 years before the Gospel of Matthew.
Doesn't know Jesus
Conversion after Jesus’s death
Has several journey that he takes
1st: Preaching in Jerusalem for 3 years
After 14 years of travel, he decides to check in with the people in Jerusalem
Paul claims that when he went to Jerusalem, he should preach to the Gentiles.
Goes to Rome —> major center he wanted to address
Paul is not interested in Jesus life on earth
Only one thing that Jesus is important —> The fact that he was killed, He
was the sacrifice that paid for our sins. His death redeems us. Created an
entirely new era.
Free christians from Jewish laws —> a new religion
Some people think Christianity started from Paul and not Jesus
No one is justified by the work of the laws
You can do something that will save you
Christ redeem us from the curse of the law
Paul says that: Thinking that keeping the Jewish laws is helpful to salvation is wrong
and sinful
Paul: “Apostle to the Gentiles”
Faith vs. works (a new contract)
Grace vs. law (a new era)
God gave us the law and now he has given us his grace
Paul was raised as a conservative Jew. He warns to not use the liberty and not
to use it as an opportunity.
Spirit vs. Flesh (the “new” man vs. the “old)
If you live by spirit then you won’t be binded by the laws
Has complications
You are always at war with yourself
Constant conflict with yourself
Why worried about getting married and having kids? Even marriage is a
Marriage is a distraction
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