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Lecture 18

MMW 12 Lecture 18: Lecture 18

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Richard Cohen

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Kama Sutra
List of types of girls not to marry
Should avoid marrying a girl if she has: (pg62 of Kama Sutra)
Ex: "One who has fully arrived at puberty"
Pg. 62-63
"When a girl becomes marriageable her parents should dress her
smartly, and should place her where she can be easily seen by all. Every
afternoon having dressed her and decorated her in a becoming manner,
they should send her with her female companions to sports, sacrifices,
and marriage ceremonies, and thus show her to advantage in society,
because she is a kind of merchandise.
Interaction is related to a business-like system
Pg. 72-73
What type of guy deserves a good wife
Pg. 79-80
Dont need to control wife if she is in lover with her husband
Portrays a very dutiful wife who is supporting her husband
Always a tension between lustfulness and image of what she
should be doing
Very hard to do this
Husband can help her by constraining his own desires and making
her life as good as he can make it
On Cultural Common Sense
Clifford Geertz (anthropologist): "Common sense is what the mind filled with
presuppositions concludes. Common sense seems to require the least probing,
but requires the most."
What ever seems most natural, those are the things you need to
investigate the closest and most because there are teaching that
underlie them
Courting and Marriage, Kama Sutra Style
Sex is naturalwhy is there a need for a book?
Lecture 18
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
9:01 AM
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