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Lecture 26

MMW 12 Lecture 26: Last Lecture

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Richard Cohen

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Look at Lecture Slides online (came late)
Trying to restore the essence of the origin (the perfection)
Civilization is like the apple Iphone
Understand that any moment of time is a complex associate and relationship with a
variety of different emotions/feelings
Bone of the Buddha: in a sacred place and 7 families all have a key to get into
the room with the bone and they worship it together---> organization around
the bone of the Buddha
About how ideas or artifacts or events bring into relationship with each
A lot more true to how the world unfolds and how history actually
Story of, Columbia, South Carolina
State of order member suggested posting 10 commandments in schools
because this is a "Christian nation"
Dr. Henry Jordan: "Screw the Buddhist and kill the muslims"
Wanted to make the nation Christian and purify it from other
Thought Muslims and Buddhists had no place in this land
Stated that this nation was founded to worship and follow
Christianity (essence of the origin)
His history is wrong
His source for the essence of the origin model is wrong
Claim is undermined by our ability to see historical sensibility
Creates an origin myth of the USA, it is convincing to some people
A story that has power and is also based on a story of what he loves
Judaism= Jesus Movement
Christianity becomes biggest movement in the world is because Paul
(Apostle of the Gentiles) recognized that Jesus Movement could be
Last Lecture!!!
Friday, March 16, 2018
9:08 AM
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