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Lecture 1

MMW 14 Lecture 1: Jan 8 2019Premium

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Making of the Modern World
Course Code
MMW 14
Edmond Chang

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Office Hours
Wednesday 11am-1pm in the ERC building
Class Structure
Weekly lecture reading quizzes
- Sit with your section
- Multiple choice
- Need half sheets of paper
- Sometimes quizzes will be both days, other times once a week
- Quizzes are about the readings assigned for that day
Course Dates: 1700-1914
Pivotal Transitions Towards the 18th c.
Global Preconditions for European Ascendancy
Decline of Islamic Empires (mid 1700s)
Since they were weaker, it opened up spaces in the Middle East,
Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean for European traders and settlers to
enter these areas
If they remained strong, the Europeans wouldn’t be able to expand their
Withdrawal of Chinese presence from Indian Ocean network (1500s)
Chinese fleets disappeared back to China
Allowed the Europeans to explore this area and start trading
Trans Atlantic slave trade in West Africa
Destroyed the political and social infrastructure in many areas in W Africa
Took away the primary food producers from towns and shipping them off
to America as slaves
Demise of Aztec, Mayan, and Inca Empires
Spanish conquistadors did this
90% of the native population perished
Mostly due to disease, but also murder and malnutrition
The discovery of silver in many regions contributed to this
Also allowed the Europeans to become more powerful
Consequences of the Atlantic Triangular Trade
Impact on Britain
Became one of the most powerful naval powers in the world
1713 Treaty of Utrecht giving Britain the Asiento
Britain was the only nation allowed to export slaves from Africa to
the Americas
The slave trade led England to start textile manufacturing
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