PHIL 12 Lecture 4: Discussion 4 - Assignment #2 Review

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University of California - San Diego
Kerry Mc Kenzie

PHIL 12 – Discussion 4 • What does it set out to do? (#1) o Whether having an eating disorder is correlated with race ▪ To see if there are any socio-cultural factors that contribute to eating disorders and how people see their bodies • Approach the disease differently ▪ Helps clinics in areas with different ethnic groups ▪ African American girls more comfortable in their bodies than white girls • How can we learn from you? What are you doing right? • Resources available to us that maybe we haven’t thought of before ▪ Eliminate the white gaze on society o Whether having an eating disorder is correlated with gender ▪ Men worried about being too small ▪ Manifest themselves differently in men vs. women o Different groups experience the same feelings, but they manifest themselves in different ways • Sample (#2) o Public middle and high schools from Saint Paul, MN o People have used the data to talk about Americans as a whole o Why might we be worried about the representativeness of the sample? ▪ Only polling from one state ▪ Lifestyle in Minnesota is going to be very different from the rest of America ▪ Colder in the winter in Minnesota • Clothing in the winter vs summer o Covered up more, so less stressed about their body image • Eat more when it’s colder • More depression in colder areas, and depression is a mental illness. Mental illness is an eating disorder ▪
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