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Kerry Mc Kenzie

PHIL 12 Discussion 5 Outline the Steps Needed to Show that Receiving Private Music Tuition is Correlated with Good Performance on the Math Portion of the SAT If there is a correlation between music lessons and a good math score on the SAT, you would expect that the proportion of people who take music lessons and get a good math score on the SAT is higher than the proportion of people in the world that also get high scores on the SAT. Sample the population that youre concerned with (students, people taking the SAT), find out how many received private music tuition Look at the math scores of the people who arent receiving private music tuition, and the scores of the people who are th Scores in the 75 percentile or greater are considered good scores Could compare to either the entire SAT population as a whole, or to people who arent taking music lessons, but you have to choose one and specify Confidence level of 95, calculate margin of error Is the music education contributing to the SAT scores, or are the SAT scores contributing to the music lessons? o Want to demonstrate that the music lessons are contributing to the SAT If you were doing it the correct way, would have to do some sort of RCT But how do you have a placebo music lesson? Ask about income, where people live, other hobbies o Find people who are the same in all other relevant respects except for the music lessons Making the music lessons a differencemaking feature Mills method of difference Statistical significance Assignment 3, Question 2 Identify the claim(s) that the article is making o Larvicide is causing the birth defects o Zika is not the cause of these birth defects
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