PHIL 12 Lecture 14: Food Science (Continued)

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University of California - San Diego
Kerry Mc Kenzie

PHIL 12 Lecture 14 Food Science (Continued) Food Science Science related to all of our lives and a very visible one Basic dietary advice changes all the time o Problematic on individual and social level Individual: discard the claims since there are so many Social: so visible, not everyone knows that it can be variable Unclear how much reliable food science we can realistically expect to have o Should we be spending resources doing food science? Food Studies Human studies: Methodology o Typically interested in longterm consequences of consuming certain foods Ex: how eating brown rice staves off diabetes, or red meat increases risk of heart attack o Issue food frequency questionnaire by asking subject to recall or track their consumption over specified period Usually 24 hours, sometimes longer o Followup over course of several years and find frequency of condition X o Use something like method of concomitant variation to try and find a link between diet and X o Are there any obvious alternatives to this method? Having someone else track the people and record the data, but kind of impractical We ask people to recall what was consumed in the last 24 hours3 monthsyear o Problems Ignorance Didnt know what they ate at the time or they cant remember People underreport by an average of 500800 calories per day Women underestimate more than men o Denial o Anxiety and awkwardness due to societal pressures to be skinny Wide variations in how many calories an item has Study: 23 of participants provided answers that imply an energy intake that is incompatible with life Ex: reported alcohol intake in UK does not match to the rate of alcohol sold; drink twice as much as they think they do Judgement of portion sizes difficult Study: cognitive decline based on how often cup of blueberries were consumed in the past year Variation in diet 27 days for men and 35 days for women to obtain a true average of diet Suppose we decide to do a 30day tracking study using a food diary o Less potential for inaccuracies o Subjects can be likely to drop out andor lie
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