POLI 11 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Nationstates, Median Voter Theorem

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21 May 2018
1. What makes a decision a political decision?
2. What is a State?
3. What are internal and external sovereignty and can any country be purely
4. What are governments?
5. What do they do?
6. What are their core aspirations?
7. Who can be competitors?
8. What is a failed state?
9. What is a Nation?
10. What are sources of common identities and examples?
11. What are some examples of Nations that do not control states?
12. What are Nation-States?
13. What are some foundation ideas of Nation-States?
14. Multinational States vs Multi-state nations:
15. What are some challenges of multinationalism, what are the reasons and how
to overcome them:
16. What is Nationalism?
17. What are the positive and negative effects of Nationalism:
18. What are ways to combat rising intolerance among groups in a state?
19. What are the three methods of power sharing and what are their effects on
civil conflict and democracy?
20. What are Aristotle's Typology? Differentiate:
21. What is a constitution?
22. What is a democracy? Why? Explain with examples and what does a political
system need in order to be considered democratic?
23. What are the challenges of constitutional design?
24. What are the types of govs, list examples:
25. Write on parliamentary systems:
26. What are the functions of govs
27. What are public goods:
28. How can governments do more harm than good:
29. Why do Govs runs businesses:
30. What is the welfare state and what has it accomplished? What are the
challenges faced by the welfare state?
31. How can citizens influence politics?
32. What functions do groups perform? How do participants vary and what
causes these differences in participation?
33. What are interest groups? Types: 4
34. What is the collective action/free-rider problem and how can we solve it?
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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