POLI 11 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Corporatism

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21 May 2018
•" Remember: Legislative passes statutes, very broad and goal/principle
oriented. The Agency/executive power passes the process in which one
completes so#
•" In Parliamentary: Parliament/Legislative passes executive functions/
cabinet functions for asserting process, as well as statute, vs Presidential:
Legislative still passes goals/principles via statutes, Executive is separate and
passes with procedure and process itself.#
•" Concept/ detail of Interest groups#
o"Societies naturally develop into groups of like-minded individuals.#
o"In some states, specifically authoritarian oriented, government actively
repressed existence of Civil Society organizations.$#
o"Societies are Pluralistic, inferring towards the capacity for various groups
to form with certain political interests, made with some incentive to promote
such political agendas upon their own capacity. Lobbying is systematic in many
o"In Corporatism countries, single unions are established by government
recognition, and a single elected Union Leader discusses with a single Employer
Association leader. More Systematic and organized, but reliant on the broad
needs of a population to be able to fit within a singular organization.#
o"In Pluralistic countries, see more variance, and multiple organizations,
many of which discuss with their own individualized leaders, and with little
existing government interference.#
•" Duverger’s Law: In terms of pluralistic voting (More than any other party),
applies to single member districts that create bipartisan electoral systems.$#
o"In a such given system, regardless of the political alignment, almost
inevitable tendency for two parties to emerge due to such dynamics.#
o"Breaks in relation to median voter theorem, that both parties will appeal to
more centrist ideologies, in order to gain more appeal, bc all voters with align to
the group that is closest to them.$#
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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