POLI 11 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Parliamentary Sovereignty, Schecter Guitar Research, Socialized Medicine

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21 May 2018
· United Kingdom!
o"""Constituent Parts!
§""Unitary System, Parliament has complete control over each
subsidized area (Parliamentary supremacy)!
§""This is vs. Constitutional basis in US, which allocates powers
to states and federal, unlike UK, where everything is overall
controlled by British Parliament.!
o"""Subsidiary Sovereignty!
§""Ex. Given in Schecter Industry Incident. Certain Enumerated
Powers, show interstate commerce laws in control, Planti sue:
Nation Industrial Commerce Act was Unconstitutional, so it was
struck down. Congress could not pass such an act.!
o"""Parliamentary System!
§""Very actions of Parliament add to the constitution. Can’t
declare acts of parliament unconstitutional.!
§""Judges target the Civil Service, improper interpretation by the
executive gov functions, by parliament. If Parliament doesn’t like
this, change the law. (Churchill is a tory btw, lost majority in 1945)!
· Atley, under labor, enormous reforms to many
industries + relations to such nations. (Fully socialized
· When Parliament established these claims.!
· Review!
o"""Why Government: The allocation of public goods and care for the
society in a more ecient way then without anarchy. Monopoly on use of
legitimate force (Vaber) + Taxation.!
§""Variants of Government time!!! Via Aristotle!
· Monarchy vs Tyranny!
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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