POLI 142K Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Homeland Defense, Rationality, Security Dilemma

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Published on 8 Sep 2015
Political Science
Poli Sci 142K
Politics and Warfare
Spring 2015
Combat Contact Hypothesis
Week 10, Friday, June 5th
I. “Motivators (‘Benefits’, motives, incentives, material and moral)
a. Time frame – present – one battle or operation; future – open time horizon
(months, years)
II. Material incentives
a. Present-material
i. Family and friends effect (best predictor; militia)
1. Militia-potent at home; weak abroad
2. Homeland defense (WWII)
ii. Economic assets
1. Wars of land and water (ancient Greece)
2. Declining significance
a. Exception - eastern fron 41-45
b. Future incentives (realization in plausible future, expected
i. State and national survival
1. WWI + II
a. Wars of retribution
2. War termination (U.S. 1944-45)
ii. Compliance bonus
1. War persons – 1700-1900
2. Veteran’s benefits
3. Welfare rights (post-1945)
iii. Social enfranchisement
1. Freedmen-Union Army 1861-1865 (200,000)
2. Japanese-American Volunteers (1941-1945)
3. Jewish-American volunteers (41-45)
III. Moral incentives
a. Present-moral obligation; patriotism
b. Future – realization of principle (ideology; religion)
i. The more you have, the more you have to lose
IV. Hypothesis
a. Given the motivating power of the family and friends effect, compliance
levels should increase and non-compliance decline as homeland is
threatened (WWII)
b. State and national survival encompass citizenship values (contact high)
c. Prediction – the treater the number of reinforcemeing incentives, the
greater the level of compliance
i. Total war (illustration)
ii. R (rationality of behavior) is equal to ….
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