PSYC 101 Lecture 4: Lecture 4 Notes

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University of California - San Diego
PSYC 101
Adena Schachner

PSYC101 Lecture 4 Notes 41817 Sensation vs. Perception o Sensation: getting information from the external world from sensory receptors o Perception: how we understand what our senses show us; what our brain does The process of organizing and interpreting sensory information about the objects, events, and spatial layout Ex: chess board perception of shadows and shade of gray; cornsweet illusion Perception is hard o 1960s wanted to make artificial intelligence thought it would be hard for computers to do things that were hard to humans (chess) thought it would be easy for computers to do things that were easy to humans (speech perception, vision) confused by instinct blindness a feeling that something is automatic and effortless masks mental complexity Levels of perception o Lowlevel Foundation; closer to sensory input First thing that happens when outside sources are sensed Acuity, color, brightness o midlevel Pattern, depth, objects o highlevel Recognition, categorization, intermodal correspondence How do infants perceive the world? o William James (1890): thought babies perceived the world as chaos; buzzing confusion o Jean Piaget (1930): thought a babys world lacked in depth or constancy, permanence of identity, which disappear or reappear capriciously How do you test what infants perceive? o Hard to test because infants dont do much, but they can control their eyes and move them around systematically o Use looking time to see what babies perceive 2 main methods of testing babies with looking time o method 1: preferential looking Prefer to look at interesting things over boring things Robert Fantz: put 2 pictures in front of infants and measured how long they looked at either one Trial 1 has one picture on the left, trial 2 has that picture on the right to get over the side preference Like to look at patterns over solid colors; like facial patterns most Can test visual acuity, or how well babies can see
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