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Lecture 14

MGT 181 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Intensity, W. M. Keck Observatory

Rady School of Management
Course Code
MGT 181

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MGT 166: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Assignment on The Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and G4 Sector Disclosures. Use the Study Guide provided for
specific directions on what you are to read.
GRI G4 Indicators give information on the economic, environmental and social performance or impacts of an organization related to its material
Aspects. Material Aspects are those that reflect the organization’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts; or substantively influence
the assessments and decisions of stakeholders. For example, G4-EN23 is the indicator for the total weight of waste by type and disposal method.
Work individually on this assignment. Do not work with any other student.
Step 1: Go to GRI’s “Featured Reports” page and choose a report from there. (Cut and paste this URL into your browser:
Step 2: Using the report you selected, supporting documentation from the company (if provided), and the GRI readings, answer the following
questions. In the last column, provide the page of the report where you found the information. If the company has not reported the information
asked for in a question, provide the GRI Indicator and insert “not reported” in the Answer column. If you're confused about what to put in the
"GRI G4 Indicator(s)" column of the assignment, re-read page 9 (Categories & Aspects) and pages 57-58 and continue reading. These latter pages
are an example of one Material Aspect (emissions) and the GRI G4 Indicators for each Aspect subcategory.
Each question is worth 1 point except question 2 that is worth 2 points.
Where you found the answer
What company’s report did you use and
what year is it for?
The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited,
With respect to the GRI G4, what is meant
by a “Material Aspect”?
It offers a globally relevant framework to support
a standardized approach to reporting,
encouraging the degree of transparency and
consistency that is required to make information
useful and credible to markets and society
p 3
What is the company’s base year for
reporting Scope 1 greenhouse gas
p 46
What was the total weight or volume of
Not reported
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