SOCI 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Sui Generis

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4 Jun 2020
Final exam:
Bring bluebooks
Essay formats
Think of main themes for Weber and Durkheim
Society: reality
Moral order
The first sociologist to make the concept of society as a framework
French man, from alsace lorraine, born in 1858, died in 1917
Virtually exact contemporaries with Weber
Never wrote one word about each other
Believed that sociology was not a value-free detached enterprise
Weber believed this is what sociology should achieve to be
Sociology could be like medicine, could understand the health of a society
Could be used to restore society
Division of Labor in Society, 1983
Dreyfus - French Jewish army officer convicted of treason
Most french argued even if Dreyfus was innocent, he should still be found
guilty bc French army had already established their prestige
The french should not take back their rule
They were more concerned with punishing minorities rather than catching
the real criminals
Stuck in a society that disregarded individual rights
Changed his focus to anthropological religion
Less directly politically involved, more of an academic
Work is directed to the support of society and recognizing individuals and
Believes what he is doing can be an assist to social and political struggle
If there is a moral crisis, what can sociology do to heal society and help it
evolve morally?
Three essential principles of Durkheim:
“Society is a society sui generis” (only object in its category)
Unique object, unique existence
The fundamental category of society is the individual
Society is a collection of individuals
Durkheim argues that society is not a collection of individuals
Society must be understood as a whole, must be seen as
Much more than a collection of individuals, something
inside them far exceeds anything any human can produce
or create
Individuals by combining, create a new species, altering the world
Society is more than the sum of its parts
Society does not exist to help individuals achieve what they want
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