2/20 – Inequality and Immigration Today

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University of California - San Diego
SOCI 139
Vanesa Ribas

I. Racial prejudice A. Audit studies have become popular in this text because they are not subject to the kinds of social desirability bias. B. Racial discrimination persists. 1. Audit Study - experimental design according to which they matched white and black sounding names. No difference in skill level and the resumes were controlled for quality a) The only variable was whether the name attached to that resume was associated with being black or white. b) Sought to see what the call back rates were. c) Black sounding names get half as many callbacks as the white sounding names. d) Now they increased the level of quality of resumes. When the resume is better it does improve for blacks but the rate of improvement for black names is way smaller than the rate of the white men. e) There are discriminatory process, and the hierarchy of skill and process the worse something gets. C. We grew up in a racialized society from a pretty early age you get to know the hierarchy. You can’t help but have all sorts of imprints in the ways you associate particular traits and qualities with certain groups. D. No choice of racial groups in terms of names. 1. Post 60’s phenomenon 2. many authors would attribute the development of that process to increasing rates of segregation. 3. Asian americans going from being the yellow peril to the model minority 4. Content and symbols and features that are associated in racial terms with a group can change over time E. Association with criminality with blackness -- there doesn’t have to be a criminal factor for that association to be made with the group as a whole. II. Transition that the model minority - asians - as a threat and despised group. A. you cannot create value for one group without signifying disvalue B. perception of a threat to where groups “ought to belong” 1. In accordance to keeping white dominance at the center of everything. 2. You’re going to get this push back and ideas that get put out there. These kind of everyday examples a
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