VIS 22 Lecture 3: 2a-04/11

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Visual Arts
VIS 22
Grant Kester

Neoclassicism 1. Archaeological excavations: a. Pompeii (1738) b. Herculaneum(1748) 2. Johann Winckelmann, thoughts on the imitation of Greek Works(1755) a. The Laocoon Group a.i. Europeans are worried that they are not self-discipline enough a.i.1. Stoic a.i.2. Society pressure b. The Artist Moved to Despair by the Grandeur of Antique Fragments 3. Grand Tour a. For wealthy young men b. To tour monument of ancient greece, rome b.i. To be educated c. For few years d. Travel around Europe to get education e. When they buy stuff, they want things look neoclassic e.i. Furniture, artifact, ask artist to make sculpture or painting e.ii. Taste culture e.iii. Influenced by Grand tour 4. The Search for New Ways to Represent Political Power a. Building in America looks like those in ancient Greece b. The French Revolution, 1789 ● The breakdown of the imperial system of Europe ● France is in debt ○ Because they help American revolution against England ● King of France wants to go to war, so they need to raise money ○ Raise the tax ○ Meet with the three estates to discuss raising the tax ■ First meet with the third estate ● Third estate - the majority of the public ● Agree to have higher tax, but in exchange want political power. ● The third estate representative decide to form their own government ○ Meet in the Tennis Court ○ The terror ● The Supreme Being ○ A created religion ■ Try to replace catholic The Institutions of Neoclassical Art ● Formal state sponsored school to train artists ○ Training and bringing up a generation artists ● Learn to paint human body ○ Learn to paint sculpture first, then naked body ● Mimicking, reproducing ○ Tired neoclassical models ● Very formulated training ○ Series of stages The Salon and the Academy ● The Salon ○ Present artworks of outstanding art students or graduated students ○ The first time for people to look at arts outside of the context of the church or the house of rich people ○ Competition for the location on the wall ■ So people start to paint bigger, because it takes up bigger space on the wall, and be noticed by the audience more easily
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