ARTH150 Lecture 2: Drawing & Painting

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Published on 4 Nov 2018
- 2D picture, design or diagram
- Typically uses dry media (pencil, pen, chalk, pastel, crayon) rather than wet media
Drawing Surfaces
- tablets/slates
- Stone slates or tablets that could be drawn on with chalk and easily erased
- Used for study and practice
- Could also be used painted/prepared wooden boards
- Parchment
- Thin, flexible writing surface made from scraped and dried animal skins
- Used from ancient to medieval times
- Pre-dates paper in Europe
- Making Parchment:
- 1. Soaking and scraping the animal hides to remove fur and fat
- 2. Stretching the hides, then scraping and polishing until they are smooth
and even
- 3. Cutting flattened parchment into “folios” or pages, used for writing and
- Paper
- First records of paper-making in China around 200 CE; travels to the Islamic
world in the 8th Century
- Arrives in Europe around 11th century
- Paper is made from rag pulp that is stained and dried on screens, then pressed
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