BUAD100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Integrated Marketing Communications, Video Lesson, Sales Promotion

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BUAD100 week 5: Integrated marketing communications and Advertising
Video Lecture 1:
Marketing Communication is…
- Virtually everything an organization says and does is a form of market communication
- Goal is to influence attitudes and behaviors
- Various communication techniques (advertising, personal selling, sales, promotions,
public relations, and direct marketing) combined to achieve specific goals
Goals or marketing communication:
- Inform consumers about goods and services
- remind consumers to continue using certain brands
- persuade consumers to choose one brand vs. another brand
- build relationships with consumers
Integrated market communication
- consistency across touch points
o advertising
o sales promotion
o public relations
o personal selling
o direct and interactive marketing
The one-to-many model
- advertising
- sales promotion
- public relations
- One marketer reaches out to many consumers
The one-to-one model
- Direct marketing
- Personal selling
- Marketer to one group of consumers
The Many-to-Many model
- Buzz building
- Social media
Promotional Planning
1. Identify target audience
2. Determine the communication objectives
3. Determine and allocate the budget
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