BUAD100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Just-Noticeable Difference

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Is perception the same as reality??
Consumer Perception:
- Our perception relies on our senses:
o Vision
o Smell
o Sound: jingles, store music
o Touch: samples, textures
o Taste
What do we Perceive?
- Just noticeable (meaningful) difference (JND) / Weber’s Law
o The amount by which two stimuli must differ before a person can perceive that
they are different
o Also known as the differential threshold
Testing limits:
Increase the difference between two identical stimuli until the
person says “they’re different.”
Decrease the difference between two stimuli until the person says
“they’re the same.”
Just Noticeable / Meaningful Difference: What changes will consumers notice?
- When do we want to:
o Make sure our changes exceed the JMD/JND?
o Keep out changes inside the JMD/JND?
- Pricing
- Package size
- Product quality
- Packaging
Perceptual Map
- Compare your brands to other brands
- Find out who your competitors are
- Ask your customers what attributes are important to them and how they feel about
your product AND your competitors’ product
- What are your strengths? How do you position yourself?
- Example:
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