BUAD100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Human Resource Management, Video Lesson, Organizational Culture

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Video Lecture #2 Human Resource Management
What is human resource management
Human soft aspects including commitment of employees through participation/
employees are the most important assets of an organization
Resources” hard aspects including strategy and efficient utilization of employees
Management” it’s not only an administrative function that carries out a pre-set
strategy but also a managerial function that contributes to forming strategy
Responsibilities of HR
Recruiting and Selection
Performance Appraisal (Feedback)
Compensation (Salary and Benefits)
Recruitment: Developing Position Description
First impression matters!
Job specification: List of competencies an individual must have to perform a particular
Job description: List of tasks, duties and responsibilities that a particular job entails
Be clear about responsibilities & qualifications
Payroll title, department, pay grade where relevant
Minimum requirements/ Basic qualifications vs. Preferred qualifications
Recruitment and Selection
Initial selection
Applicants who don’t meet basic qualifications are rejected
Substantive selection
Applicants who meet basic qualifications, but are less qualified than others are
Contingent selection
Applicants who are among the best qualified, but who fail contingent selection
are rejected
The most frequently used selection device.
It carries a great deal of weight.
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