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Lecture 3

CGSC170 Lecture 3: CGSC170 Behaviorism

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Cognitive Science
Andreasen Robin

CGSC170 Behaviorism and the mind as a computer Behaviorism demise: leaves scientists with little vocabulary for discussing the mind **Influence of Turing: Provides metaphorvocab for thinking about mind and its role in behavior Info processing view of the mind: the mind is functionally similar to a computer, thinking is a form of computing Computer metaphor: What is a computer? General characterization: A mechanical device that receives, stores, and processes inputs to produce outputs. Mind Mechanical Device Classical Computer Brain CPU Readwrite head uses machine table Visual data Inputs Symbols Visual image Outputs Symbols Memory (longshort term) Storage Long term short term Steps in Geniculo Striate Processes info Programmachine table Pathway In what ways is the mind like a computer? (see above) ComputationalRepresentational Understanding of the mind (CRUM) Thinking is best understood in terms of mental representations and computational procedures that operate on those structures. Computer metaphor gave rise to CRUM Representation, general definition: an informational structure that has semantic properties. Semantic property=meaning Computation, general definition: the transformation or manipulation of informationrepresentations. Inputvisual data (light) = representation Outputvisual image = representation Processing info steps in visual processing= computation Two aspects of meaning: sense and reference Reference: the object to which the representation refers Sense: the connotation or descriptive meaning associated with the representation Ex: dictionarylike meaning of words Should focus on reference and not sense because, for instance, if you focus on sense in terms of Clark Kent vs superman, you get two objects but if you focus on referent you get one person.
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