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Lecture 15

EDUC230 Lecture 15: April 19th

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University of Delaware
Allison Gary

Students With Learning Disabilities Response to Intervention Basic premise is that if you measure a students response to increasingly intensive instruction you can tell whether it is the result of inferior instruction or is a disability. Tier 1 primary intervention in general education Tier 2 intensive instruction small group Tier 3 special education services Sometimes a tier 4 Most states require these three components: Discrepancy between ability or potential and actual performance via RTI Exclusionary clause RO Need for special education services Prevalence of learning disabilities Estimates vary greatly from 120 of the school age population (it is about 4.3) Approximately 4344 of students in special education are labelled LD About 85 of these students have specific problems with reading and reading comprehension Great increases in the population in the last several decades Causes of Learning Disabilities Brain injury Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal causes Accidents and diseases Heredity Research suggests that some reading difficulties occur more in some families than others Some learning disabilities are also much more common in maternal (identical) twins than fraternal twins
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