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Lecture 16

EDUC230 Lecture 16: April 24th

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Allison Gary

● Best Practice - Students with Learning Disabilities ○ Accurate assessment and diagnosis ○ The gift of time ○ Curricular adaptations ○ Strategy instruction ○ Peer tutoring ○ Technology ○ Instructional delivery modifications ○ CBI/CAI (computer based instruction) Students with Communication Disabilities Or Students with Communication Impairments ● Communication ○ The interactive exchange of ideas, information, needs and desires ○ Sender - Receiver ○ Usually at least 2 communicative partners ○ Intraindividual communication - person is sender and receiver (ex. When we talk to ourselves, leave ourselves notes, etc.) ● IDEA Definition ○ A speech and language impairment = a communication disorder, such as stuttering, impaired articulation, and language impairment, or a voice impairment that… ○ Adversely affects a child’s educational performance ● Language ○ Narrating ○ Explaining/Informing ○ Requesting ○ Expressing ● Language Disorders ○ Receptive Language → the ability to process and assign meaning to incoming information ○ Expressive Language → the ability to communicate to others and be understood by others ● Five Dimensions of Language ○ Phonology → rules of the sound system ○ Morphology → asic units of meaning - combined into words ○ Syntax → meaningful arrangement of words ○ Semantics → meaning of words and combinations of words ○ Pragmatics → social use of language - how to use and adapt our language to fit dif
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