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Lecture 18

EDUC230 Lecture 18: April 28th

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Allison Gary

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● Screening ○ The more pronounced/severe a disability is, usually the earlier it can be detected, i.e. - profound ID - Floppy Baby Syndrome, etc. ○ APGAR Test - composite of indicators that tell you if the baby is a well baby or not ■ Heart rate, respiration, responsiveness, muscle tone, color, etc. ■ A number is assigned based on all indicators, 8-10 is good ● Other Assessments ○ Developmental domains, motor tests, screening for hearing, communication, reflexes, primitive reflexes, etc. ● D.A.P. - Developmentally Appropriate Practice ○ Programs and services are based on what is typically expected of and experienced by children of that age ● Tenets of D.A.P. ○ Knowledge must inform decision making ○ Goals must be challenging yet achievable ○ Teaching must be intentional to be effective ● Don’t Forget… ○ Family-centered services - unlike IEP’s the IFSP designates the family as a service recipient as well as the child ● The 8 elements of IFSP’s ○ Present levels of performance in all domains ○ Family CPR’s - concerns, priorities, and resources ○ Measurable outcomes ○ Early intervention services required ○ Statement of natural environments where services will be delivered ○ Projected dates for services ○ Identification of service coordinator ○ Transition plan to preschool or other services ● Interventions in Early Childhood ○ DAP - Developmentally Appropriate Practice ○ Family support services ○ Child initiated activities ○ Team approaches ● Intervention Strategies ○ Early language development ○ Soc
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