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Lecture 3

ENEP426 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Kyoto Protocol, Scientific Reports, James Hansen

Energy and Environmental Policy
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Scattone Raymond

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Interests, Public Opinion, Media
In a democracy knowledge is power
Knowledgeable citizenry
Interest groups influence
Influence politicians
They influence citizenry
& media - any TV station needs aviators
Media can influence politicians and citizenry as well
2 main interests in readings
Support CC action- called supporters of action
They have concern
They believe in the science
In recent years from 2008 to present efforts to get something done
about CC such as
Green economy; good opportunities growth
Linking CC to religion - Pope said we have to do
something about CC; stewardship
Corporations- promoting action
Concerned with gov becoming too big, too much regulation - called contrarians/
CC Deniers
Believe its natural climate change variability/ climate change always
Small percent of scientists well meaning don't believe CC is real
Role of the Media - aware and understand
Most people get their information Mass Media
Mass media has failed to raise awareness to understand failed to accurately covered CC
Problematic- Democracy/ knowledgeable
No information
Media coverage on climate change
All raise awareness about Climate change. Just because media is discussing
Climate change does not help understanding of climate change
James hansen - Congress
Hottest year ever recorded in the world
Lots died from heat waves and food hard to grow
Kyoto protocol was put into place
The first global protocol to fight CC
Al Gore
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