FASH213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Totem

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Lecture 1
Ethnicity & Culture
Defined by the things human beings do to the surface and appearance of their bodies. (An
assemblage of modifications, additions, and supplements) European dress or Western dress
has been influenced by many cultures, and has also influenced by many cultures.
Representation of groups, organizations, and the larger society
Helps us relate and interact with cultures
Helps us reflect upon and understand ourselves
Origins of Dress & Reasons for wearing clothing
o From elements (weather)-Raincoat
o From physical hazards (protective gear)-Bullet proof vests
o From enemies
o Creative urge for an artistic experience
o Sexual attractions
o Totemism
An object that symbolizes a family, group, clan or culture
o Terrorism
o To conceal certain parts of the body based on cultural beliefs
o Used to establish position
FUNCTIONS OF DRESS (Distinguishing uses)
Gender Differences
Social Status
Group Membership
Ceremonial Uses
Level/enhancement of Sexual Attractiveness
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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