FASH213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Knitting, Chintz

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Lecture 2
Cross Culture Exchange
Cross Cultural Exchanges
Non Western Artifacts were discovered by adventurers, explorers and traders. Dress became
the easiest way to take something back from one culture to the next.
o An ancient trade route/Significant factor in the development of trade
o Stretched from the Mediterranean shores across Asia and into China
o (China, Persia, Arabia, India, Turkey and Europe)
Cultural Influences Transported
o Knowledge
o Ideas
o Art
o Science
o Religion
o Customs
Any cloth or good produced by weaving, felting or knitting
o European settlers pursued Asia initially in search for spices and were distracted by their
o During the crusades, silk production was purchased from Asia and produced in Western
o Chintz (Textile from India)
A hand printed, substance and resist-dyed patterned cloth
o Paisley Motif
Used in the Himalayan region of North India and Pakistan)
o Visite/Dolman Coat
Dress with Bustle (understructure piece that supported extra fabric in the back
and used as an over garment)
o Asian Inspired Dress
Was modified and revised
Men would wear a banyan or dressing gown
Loose flowing robes worn during family and friend events
Floral patterns and popular for centuries 18th Century
19th Century
European cultures were obsessed with dressing up, which lead to a number of Costume Balls
in which themes were gown influenced from Indian, Persian, and Japanese cultures.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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