FASH213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Jacquard Loom, Acculturation

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Lecture 3
Cultural Authentication
Cultural Authentication
The incorporation of elements from one culture to the next that leads to a
transformation from its original style, cultural authentication also allows changes to become
an integral part of a cultures dress.
3 Types of Cultural Authentication (Accounts for the mixtures that occur)
Simple/Basic Authentication
o The Use of one item from a culture in the same way it’s used by original culture
Temporal Authentication
o Time plays a key factor in this process
o When one reaches into one’s own culture/heritage to borrow elements for a
more contemporary adaptation.
Temporo-Cultural Authentication
o Reaches back through time and across cultures lines
o Combines elements of history and culture
o For ideas to incorporate into contemporary fashion
4 Stages of Cultural Authentication
o Adopting an object or idea intact
o When that adaptation forms its own meaning and the culture changes the usage
o When the original physical and ideological form changes by applying a new
symbolic meaning and identifies to that specific group that implemented the
o Physically altering causing an extreme culture distinctiveness
Garment Cultural Authentication
o Selection
Traded with Japan & India then spread to the Dutch
Affected demand for tight coats and replaced the coat/vest
o Characterization
Various Names
Indian Gown
Morning Gown
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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