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Lecture 10

GEOL105 Lecture 10: 3-24

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Dr.Ed Kohut

4317 Weathering Physical (mechanical) Weathering o Rock disintegrates into smaller fragments Physically broken Does not change mineral compositions Physical temp changes o Rock surface may expand and contract with temp. o Separates surface from interior. PhysicalFrost Wedging o Water works as a wedge or prybar, expansion and contraction by freezethaw cycle pries bedrock apart. Physical biological o Plant roots (especially tree roots) grow into cracks, open them further. o Burrowing animals also break up loose rock. Chemical Weathering o Chemical reactions decompose rock. o Factors that control chemical weathering Particle size Rockmineral Composition Climate Type and amount of vegetation o Dissolution Acid from CO2 in water dissolves minerals especially calcite in limestone and marble o Oxidation Iron in minerals combines w oxygen o Hydrolysis minerals add water to their structure, make new minerals such as clays Chemicalbiological activtiy o Lichen and other organsims may break down rock through chemical reactions o Weathered rock becomes fragments or sediment
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