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Lecture 14

HIST103 Lecture 14: April 20th

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University of Delaware
Michael Pospishil

Abbasid Caliphate (7501250 CE) Arab Empire 50 million + people Height of Islamic Civilization Falls in the 13th century from barbarians on horseback from the north (Mongols) Purpose: Umma Jihad Umma = community of believers Jihad = The Holy Struggle against sin 607 the year that the Islamic prophets Muhammad traveled to a cave outside of Mecca and recorded his visit from Angel Gabriel and delivered the message that there was only one God and it was Allah Law: Sharia Law (dominate law code) and the Five Pillars; Quran, Hadith, and Commentaries Only one god, he is Allah; pray 5 times a day; perform acts of charity to your neighbors; pilgrimage to Mecca one time during your life Uphold prohibition on usery (lending money at interest) Administration: Round City Baghdad House of Wisdom pursuit of knowledge; central piece of architecture where all information was gathered; royal library; translating ancient texts into Arabic; developing new technologies and strategies, etc. Dome of the Rock Destroyed the temple of Jupiter. Temple mound where temples kept being destroyed and rebuilt over and over again by empires Ulamas guarded the law Caliphs executed the law
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