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Lecture 11

HIST103 Lecture 11: 4/18/17 LECTURE

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Michael Pospishil

J l 41817 LECTURE 1. Information: Absence overabundance both lead to a stress response 2. Triggering the stress response: The automatic nervous system and the evolutionary perspective allows us to worry into the future just by thinking about all the work we have to do, etc., and if we continue to succumb to this stress response, long term health effects can occur. 1. Rodentsmonkeys in social housing: Immune functionglucocorticoid levels 2. Hierarchy glucocorticoid levels in baboons: Ex) Keekorok Troop Biology of Meditation: 1) Oxygen consumption decreases (20) carbon dioxide output decreases 2) Changes in the electrical activity of the brain 3) Decreases in the electrical conductivity of the skin 4) Increased efficiency of the autonomic nervous system (bodily functions beyond conscious control heartbeat, breathing, digestive function.) our mammalian complex fight or flight response. 5) Adrenaline levels decreaseacetylcholine levels rise 6) Increase in cortical thickness and neuroplasticity (4) Darwinian explanations: Was axial age cognitive function a product of natural selection? Evolutionary psychology: A field that seeks to discover and understand the design of the human mind. Mind is defined as a cognitive organ that was designed by natural selection to solve adaptive problems faced by our deep ancestors. The field sheds lights on the modern human condition by seeking to identify which human psychological traits are evolved adaptions. 1) Lancet Fluke (Dicrocoelium dendriticum) infects ants, gets into their brains, and triggers the ant to start behaving weird. 2) Wood Mouse (Toxoplasma gondii) bacteria that will infect the brains of mice. The mice become manic and aggressive and make irrational decisions to challenge predators. 3) Cordyceps Fungi jungle insects
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