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Lecture 15

HIST103 Lecture 15: 5/2/17 LECTURE

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University of Delaware
Michael Pospishil

5217 LECTURE History of Warfare 1. Trade and holy war 2. Origins of war 3. Aggression in Homo sapiens Islamic Golden Age (7001500) One of the fastest paths to wealth was through being a merchant be the middleman buy cheap and sell high. China market to buy cheap Europe sell high Islam middle man SubSaharan Africa coming up with gold, tropical hardwoods, commodities Europe main target for Islamic men to sell Umayyad caliphate 661750 Abbisid caliphate peak of Islamic golden age Mamluk Sultanate 12501517 II. Reconquista, 1000 1492 CE Spain and Portugal III. European Golden Age, 1500?? Portuguese Caravel, 1400s (first explorers) tractor trailer of the sea House of Aviz Portuguese families that strategically married for senior male heir ?? o Portuguese navigators are accidentally wind swept to Brazilian coast short lived golden age for Portuguese took sugar and sold it all over the world (source of Portuguese wealth) House of Hapsburg (1500s) ones that basically created the whole Spanish empire Christopher Columbus o Scout out Meso America o Riding on horseback o Brought set of diseases Meso American Empires dropped Imperial Zone at 1550 o Ming Dynasty NeoConfucian o Mughal Empire Sunni Islam o Safavid empire Shia Islam o Ottoman Empire Sunni Islam
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