HDFS101 Lecture 1: 9:15:16

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Human Development and Family Studies
Palkovitz Rob

find more resources at oneclass.com 9/15/16 Gene- Environment Interations: - Look at how environments differentially effect persons with different genotypes (ex., reaction ranges) - AND - How genotypes are systematically related to different environmental conditions(ex., gene- environments correlations) Heredity and Environment Interactions - Behavioral genetics - Investigates the influence of heredity and environment on individual differences in human traits and development - twin studies - adoption studies - Heredity- Environment correlations - individuals genes may influence environments to which they are exposed - as child ages, experiences extend beyond family - some environments can mute or strengthen genetic traits - Passive genotype-environment correlations - biological parents, who are genetically related to child, provide rearing environment(big in infancy) -Evocative genotype-environment correlations - child’s/person’s characteristics elicit certain types of characteristics(lifespan) -Active(nice picking0 genotype-environment correlations - when children/people seek out environments they find compatible and stimulating(increases with age) -Shared Environmental experiences - Siblings common experiences - Nonshared environmental expiriences - Childs own unique experiences, both within and outside of family, not shared by siblings - Epigenetic View - development is the result of an ongoing, bidirectional interchange between heredity and environment Individual Heredity- the Genetic Code - Zygote: union of sperm and ovum - 23 pairs of chromosomes - each pair contains thousands of genes: one from father one from mother - estimates of 20-25,000 genes - approximately 64 trillion different combinations per breeding people - current world pop around 7 billion find more resources at oneclass.com find more resour
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