HDFS202 Lecture 4: Study Guide - Exam 2

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University of Delaware
Human Development and Family Studies
Bahira Sherif Trask

Study Guide: Exam 2 Issues of gender / nature - traits you are born with Nurture - environment Affects on gender- how parents raise you, different hormones, biological differences, hard to pick out whether nature or nurture plays a bigger role. Gender socialization- the way you learn about gender, values, beliefs, stereotypes, environmental/ nurture. Traditional roles – benefits- predictability and sustainability, can predict how they will be treated / disadvantages- restrictive, people may not fall into stereotypes, looked at as more of spectrum. Not everyone falls into traditional roles. Leads to false beliefs. Men – instrumental; Women –expressive- women are better at expressing emotions and love. Taking love and defining it in women’s terms. Some people express love by functional tasks (fixing something) not really considered love. Feminization of love / different theories about love Attachment theory of love- our primary motivation is to be connected to one another. Survival. Early experiences, how child and caregiver gain a bond. Carries over to romantic relationships. Kinsey studies on sexuality; -study on variety of sexual behaviors. Between men and women Factors that influence sexual behavior- influence when people start having sex. Sex education, parents, religion, and the environment. Different factors could scare people to not have sex. One pattern vs. many. Sexual scripts – men have to act one way / women another way Sexual situations. What’s expected of men and women. Example: men aren’t suppose to express feelings. Men should be always willing to have sex. Men should always be the one to initiate. How many partners is acceptable for men and for women. Separate spheres of men and women-– result of Industrial revolution- traditional image of family. Pre industrial revolution- everyone did work on farm. Post industrial revolution – men went and worked and women stayed home to did house work Sexual revolution – 1960’s; influence of birth control pill –became more open about talking about sex. Separated sex for procreation/ sex for pleasure. Conversion of gender roles. Co habitations- n
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