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Lecture 14

NSCI442 Lecture 14: Insula Lecture

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Forbes Chad

Madison Newman NSCI 442-010 Tuesday April 4, 2017 Insula o Location-insula is folded deep within lateral sulcus o “Older” evolutionary region of the brain o Serves as critical point where all 3 cortices (prefrontal, temporal, parietal) started from o Middle of medial temporal & frontal regions of the brain o Divided into 2 parts o Cortical area overlying the insula toward the lateral surface of the brain is the operculum; opercula are formed from parts of the enclosing frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes o 1) anterior insula (towards front of brain)-heavily connected/interconnected with amygdala (central nucleus) & also the thalamus  Also interconnected with temporal and occipital lobe, opercular and orbitofrontal cortex (basal forebrain area), inferior frontal gyrus o 2) posterior insula (towards back of brain)-projects to lateral and central nuclei of amygdala, somatosensory cortex, thalamus Thursday April 6, 2017 Insula Functions: o Introspective awareness of body states: o ability to time one’s own heartbeat o involved in control of blood pressure and varies in activity as function of amount of effort person believes they are exerting o sensation of degree of pain o stomach/gastric distension o full bladder o listening to music, laughter, crying o Experience of bodily self-through awareness, sense of agency, and sense of body ownership o Gut feelings, intuition picking up body feelings and relating it to conscious perception and understanding o Motor control-hand and eye motor movement, swallowing, gastric motility, and speech articulation o sense of balance o  Plays a role as the interface in between you and your surroundings o Awareness of visual stimuli-presented stimuli out of beat of heart, able to process stimuli, but if i
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