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Lecture 26

NSCI442 Lecture 26: MPFC Notes

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Forbes Chad

Madison Newman NSCI 442-010 Tuesday April 25, 2017 & Thursday April 27, 2017 Medial Prefrontal Cortex (DMPFC, VMPFC) • Medial Prefrontal Cortex o Location: cortex area at the front of the brain ▪ Much larger part of the brain in comparison to amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex ▪ Prefrontal cortex evolved from medial temporal lobes and then medially to laterally, posterior to anterior (broadly speaking) ▪ Medial axis to posterior to anterior-processes that these regions do become more complex ▪ Medially to laterally-much more complex ▪ As we involved, our abilities to engage in more complex processes became much more developed ▪ Increase & decrease in synapses-use it or lose it; by the time we are adults we have about 5 trillion connections o Functions: ▪ Decision-making-more acute and accurate coordination and decisions made as we age ▪ Role of puberty and development of prefrontal cortex in the brain o Myelination and maturation schedule ▪ Myelination continues to develop slowly all during childhood ▪ MPFC & connectivity-hub for many different networks • Default mode network • Dorsal & ventral medial prefrontal cortices are differentially connected with parts of the brain depending on which part of the MPFC it is
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