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Lecture 2

PHIL202 Lecture 2: Final Exam

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Mark Greene

Paternalism Paternalism Definition Interference with a persons freedom of action for the persons own good. Nonpaternalistic interference with a persons freedom of action might be justified by: Harm to others Cost to the public Moral Paternalism Interference by other private persons Ex: Taking a drunk friends keys Legal (civil) Paternalism Interference by the government (through laws of regulations) that make actions costly to engage in. Ex: Tax on cigarettes Includes laws criminalizing acts of policies designed to make acts difficult More examples of Legal Paternalism Laws requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets of automobile passengers to wear seat belts Laws forbidding the sale of supersized sugary drinks Laws regulating private sexual conduct between consenting adults Laws against the private use of certain drugs More: suicide, gambling, prostitution, drinking age Dworkin Distinguishes: Pure Paternalism Where the person whose freedom is restricted is the same person whose good is suppose to be promoted. Ex: Seatbelt laws, antisuicide laws Impure Paternalism Where the person whose freedom is restricted is not the same person whose good is suppose to be promoted. Ex: banning manufacturers from making or selling a product in order to protect consumers. Mills Thesis: (more consequentialism) Mills view is that there is a near absolute prohibition against paternalism. Restricted to persons of age No objection to requiring provision of full information to all ages
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