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Lecture 29

PSYC100 Lecture 29: Lec 29

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Ly Agnes

Lec 29 • Review o Finishing intelligence § Traditional standardized achievement tes are usually testing G o Why is construct validity is important o Nature vs. nurture § Always acknowledging that intelligence/abilities part genetic makeup but part environment • Sociocultural Contexts Matter o Motivation § See a connection between IQ scores and motivation § Ability to delay gratification • Tacting with the marshmellow test o Mindset about intelligence § Mindset- how you personally think about intelligence • You can grow it, not a fixed amount, can be changed § Fixed vs. growth • Having a set amount or being able to grow • If a child has fixed o In the face of a challenging task, they are far more likely to give up o They think they couldn’t do it and that others were right about them not being able to complete something o Far more likely to have parents that view failure as a harmful event (performance oriented) • EX: a math problem that was not solveable and kids with fixed and not fixed mindsets o The fixed kids all gave up o The growth mindset kids worked for an hour and were told that it was fake o Socioeconomice status (SES) § Enriched vs impoverished environments • If you are more well off you can provide more for children • Lower status tend not to have as much access to resources § Access to resources
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