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Lecture 6

PSYC340 Lecture 6: Corkin and Chap. 6

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University of Delaware
Medina Jared

Madi Newman PSYC 340080 Thursday 32317 Corkin 2002 o Whats new with the amnesic patient H.M.? o H.M.s medial temporal lobe dissection in order to help with his epilepsy seizures o Effect H.M.s condition has on his personality o Anterograde amnesiaintact short term memory but nothing is encoded to long term memory; certain types of memory are independent of the medial temporal lobe system global amnesia o Unable to encode information into declarative memory o H.M. was able to representremember the floor plan of his home o Autobiographical memory is the most affected by the medial temporal lobe lesions o Also had a bilateral amygdalectomypossibly leads to a lack of emotional response Banich Compton Chapter 6 o Early Perceptual Processing: o Blindsightretention of some visual capabilities without the conscious experience of seeing o Parallel processingdifferent systems of vision tackling different parts of perception o Retinaback of eye; extension of brain and acts as information processor o Photoreceptorcells such as rods and cones which absorb different variations of light Rhodopsin pigment o Foveaarea of packed cones in the retina o Ganglion cellsoutput layer of cells in retina M and P ganglion cellsparasol cells and midget cells; different functional pathways for vision o Receptive fieldspecific region of visual space to which a particular cell responds Centersurround receptive fieldhighlights borders between light and dark contrasts
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