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Lecture 10

PSYC340 Lecture 10: Pinker Chap. 10 Language Reading

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Medina Jared

Madison Newman PSYC 340080 31117 PinkerChapter 10: Language Organs and Grammar Genes Language impairment runs in families o grammar gene that is heritable; dominant gene Aphasics brainslesions in left hemisphere; people with a sleeping left hemisphere cannot talk Contralateral controlright brain controls left body and left brain controls right body Benefits of being symmetrical beings People who are lefthanded vs. people who are righthandedlefties have language more evenly distributed between the hemispheres than righties; better able to withstand a stroke without suffering from aphasia Brocas areanear motor area; semantics, no syntax Wernickes areacloser to auditory and somatosensory; syntax, no semantics Neural networks as active or inactive; connect and work like a computer Dyslexia and stuttering run in familiesno way to prove if there is a heritable gene in charge of this If there exists a grammar geneit is not responsible for all the circuitry underlying grammar o Does not wipe out any part of grammar completely nor does it compromise all parts equally o Possible genetic variation within the gene
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