UAPP225 Lecture 13: The Beuracracy

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Urban Affairs and Public Policy
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David Carter

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The Bureaucracy Blessing curse? 4th branch of the government? Walter Bagehot duty is to augment power, official business, or official members, rather than to leave free the energies of mankind Albert Einstein bureaucracy is the death of all sound war Barbara Tuchman John Stuart Mill The disease that inflicts bureaucracy is routine Greatest threat to freedom is an effective bureaucracy Every revolution evaporates and only leaves behind the slime of a new bureaucracy Outline Myths Definition Historical Development in the US The size Who are bureaucrats The Spoils System The Modern Weberian Bureaucracy Bureaucracy and the Policymaking Process The Myth of the Unresponsive Bureaucracy A growing number of Americans believe the government is listening more to special interests than to the general public clientelism Public concerns about the competence and responsiveness of government agencies also reflect a more general distrust of government Trust is usually so great that despite who becomes president, we believe the system will continue. Table showing that the bureaucracy is going out of business of should drop in How much of the time do you trust the government People trusted during Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson not during today But Clinton and Bush had an increase (probably 911) if there wasnt this disaster, trust would have probably continued to decrease following the trend This decrease of trust in government has had major consequences Definition Any large, complex organization in which employees have specific job responsibilities and work within a hierarchy. Bureaucracies exist in both the public and private sectors, but most people think of governments (public sector) when they think of bureaucracies. Le Bureu Max Weber, Founder (ideal typical bureaucracy, not specific to the US)
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