UAPP225 Lecture 8: Elections Notes

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Urban Affairs and Public Policy
David Carter

Elections The penultimate accessible policy choice Direct expression about policy Elections at the national, state, county, municipal, and local levels Outline Who is a citizen? Evolution of formal community membership Exercising citizenship: voting Representative recruitment On the hustings Media and knowledge Who is a citizen? Historical Evolution Bounded spatial population the people Enslaved: (of a person) compromise Barred: Indigenous population Electoral college (getting away from England) and rural bias (outside influence of founding fathers from small colonies) Social contract community founding elites Very exclusive group White male property owners Barred: women, African Americans, Indigenous Male population (13th 15th Amendment 1865; 1870) includes African Americans after enslavement ends Women are added (19th Amendment, 1920) African Americans (VRA, 1965) The African American vote went away and has to be resurrected by this act Adulthood Redefined (26th Amendment 1971) 18 year olds can now vote Organizing Voting Grassroots caucus 19th century A forum for choosing candidates Citizens discuss and then vote for delegates to district and state conventions that are closed to the public Primary (viz: New Hampshire) Selecting candidates by party preference Closed system: party ballot only (only can participate if you are apart of the primarys party) Open: may request any one party ballot (do not declare party affiliation) Partisan primary: selecting candidates within a party (similar to a closed primary)
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