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Lecture 2

WOMS202 Lecture 2: Women and Work

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University of Delaware
Women's Studies
Cherrin Susan

Women and Work, Part 2: American Women and Work: A Brief History, 17001980s Thinking about Women and Work It impacts the status of women Pink tax: makes goods marketed toward women more expensive than similar goods for men (in addition to men being paid more than women) sales tax on feminine hygiene products Issues of work divides women Women may help you clean your house and raise your kids (does she have all that you do?) the differences between stay at home and working women African American women fought for the right to just be mothers, and not having to have a public job Womens Rights Movement connected to questions of labor Women and the family economy: Term for the situation in which all members of a family must earn wages and share them for the family to survive. American Women and Labor: Brief History Experiencing Industrialization: England, 1700s 1830s The first industrial society Development of the cottage industry putting out system People at home making goods from raw materials that are given to them before factories Benefits: Able to work at home, not as replaceablepeople are dependent on them, work is more visible (getting paid) Drawbacks: From the boss perspective they cannot control the womens labor, factory owners do not like it Development of the factory system Machines make women replaceable, bosses have more control and women are less independent. Proper roles for women workers? Women and work in the mines This is dangerous hard work and women are working alongside men Mines Act of 1842 this labor is cut off from women because it seems as if it violates proper roles for women (women are taking their clothes off and working with men; not that they couldnt do it, that they shouldnt) special laws for women because they are women Women made very little and had little time and energy for home work Experiencing Industrialization in America: The First Factories
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